Trig Talk: Season 1 Trailer

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Trig Talk: Season 1 Trailer

Episode Description:

Let's get this party started!
Trig Talk™ is the a companion podcast for HGO ( Host, Hayden Baillio, will sit down with a complete spectrum of Highland Games athletes, athletic directors and legends to discuss a wide breathe of topics.

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Episode Transcription:
You're listening to Trig Talk an HGO Podcast where Highland Games athletes from all walks of life come to share their story from their highest highs to their lowest lows we leave no stone un thrown and now here's your host Hayden Baillio Hayden Baillio

Woah woah woah here we go.

Highland Gamers, Kilted Fanatics And Heavy Athletic Fans

Welcome to Trig Talk

My name is Hayden Baillio Like that badass intro said

And I’ll be your guide as we swim through the

Loch Ness monster infested waters of our Sport

I’ll be interviewing athletes, Athletic directors, And Highland Games legends from all walks of life.

I want to get nitty and gritty With these convos


We’ll talk competition,  We’ll talk training, We’ll even talk just to talk

But the goal of this podcast Is to highlight The men and women That make up our sport.

I know, I’m not exactly Joe Rogan here

but I promise I’m super excited to be hosting this podcast.

The goal will be A new episode every week

With the majority of them Being interviews With spectacular people

So sit back

Pour a scotch

Listen to us ramble

And maybe

Even learn something

No guarantees though


See ya soon

Thank you for listening to Trig Talk and HGO Podcast, for exclusive Trig Talk extras including you had the height, the unedited ad-free post podcast show where Hayden sits down with the guest to talk most embarassing moments in their career and answers questions from HGO patrons go to that's P A T R E O N dot com forward slash K I N G F O G ... right there you go I spelled the whole thing out, you have no excuses now. Thanks again and remember Leave No Stone Unthrown!

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